About us

We understand that children learn best when they’re happy and relaxed, so our classes are packed with feel-good activities, songs, yoga and soft play.

Our infant-led classes are designed using EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) criteria as our guide, and as such, are structured weekly around a nursery rhyme utilising music, yoga and imaginative play. Get ready to see them marvel at obstacles, stories, bubbles and parachute play.

We encourage children to express themselves and actively promote enquiry-based learning with a positive environment to give a rounded experience for every child.


Our group leader, Caroline, is an experienced mother of two who is also qualified in baby massage and baby yoga. She loves nothing more than to see children enjoying themselves in a safe and happy learning environment.

She is passionate about child development and understands every child learns in their own unique way. Caroline is supportive, adaptable and has a great sense of humour!

FREE Session

Want to try a free taster session first? No problem! Contact us and if we have room, you can join the fun for free!